What is DeCSS

DeCSS is a tiny (60 KB) utility that copies an encrypted DVD file (which has a .VOB extension) and saves the file on a hard disk, minus the encryption. DeCSS became an important utility in the use of the DivX codec which is a new compression format which allows movies to be full screen, (even widescreen), with full fidelity stereo sound for full feature length movies. A DivX-compressed movie is about 8 to 12 times smaller than a DVD and ranges from 600 to 750 megabytes, which would enable it to be copied onto a single CD-ROM. Once DeCSS is used, you may then easily use the DivX codec to play, watch and copy various movies, TV shows and videos. Unfortunately, ripping and burning DVDs can be unnecessarily complicated and, as a result, there are programs available that are devoted strictly simplifying the DVD ripping and burning process.

One such program is the Expert-Guide to DVD Copying/Ripping which shows anyone how to rip DVDs, make backups of DVD movies, play movies from your hard drive, create a play list of DVDs (so that you can watch from your computer at will without shuffling of DVD disks), extract your favorite parts of a movie and much more. You can then take that information and create Video CD's (VCD) or DivX and much more. Click here for more information.

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